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Urja Joshi

Urja Joshi is a young emerging writer, who has now successfully authored three books. Yellow being the latest has a huge impact on her. Urja actively voices her opinions through her various social media handles. She recently completed her schooling. She plans on writing more books in future and dreams to become someone who could positively influence people around the world someday. Out of many dreams that she has,the one of having her own book tour one day, is the prominent one. she says:

"I want to go around the world, step on stage and recite what I write in front of thousands of people. I want to show my art to people."

Book "Yellow - The verses of hurting and healing" by Urja Joshi

The Book has been released worldwide and available in leading e-commerce platform. You may order the Papeback or eBook copy from below channels.

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What Our Readers Says

  • "I am so in love with this book and I really appreciate how urja has gone to such depths about both the phases of "hurting" and "healing". Truly a masterpiece!'.

    Kaif Ali


  • "A piece well written! A wholesome and ethereal book written by a young and upcoming writer."

    Advitiye Bharadwaj


  • "It is really amazing and beautiful to translate your emotions into words and to write something which can help others heal. I am really grateful to be friends with URJA JOSHI, my bestfriend. So proud and thankful to you for all this amazing work you do! Love you with all my heart"

    Aditi Saxena
  • "The words reflects the author's hard work and all the dedication she has shown. I have lived this journey with her and I truly want to suggest this book to everyone"

    Aastha Joshi
  • "Its her 3rd book and she is an amazing writer . She is my bestfriend and inspires me alot . Love you and always here to support you"

    Utkarsh Rustagi
  • "This book is amazing and beautifully written. I am amazed by the meaning behind this book and i thank the author for making such a book."

    Labdhi Bardia
  • "Yellow is truely a beautiful and ethreal peice of writting I really really love her way of expressing her thoughts through poetry. And i truely feel so so proud to me connected to the writter."

    Gaurika Saxena
  • "This women is very close to my heart. I have seen her working tirelessly on this project. The amount of hardwork and determination she has is commendable.
    I am really really excited for this book...the hurting and healing process is beautifully potrayed. I really want everyone to read the book..its truly worth reading!"

  • "I had the honour to design the cover of her book. Urja is my best friend and I couldn’t be more proud of her"


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